I knew they would come for me…

It was only a matter of time before they came after me.  The fact that I’m unapologetic in my political views and the unwaivering in my beliefs makes me an outspoken target for the sheeple on the left to go after.

So, I walk into work this morning and following my daily ritual, I go into the breakroom to get my morning coffee.  There is a woman in there, a black woman, that I normally get along with just fine.  I mean we’re not really friends, but we are cordial to one another.

Well, this morning she asked me if I thought Zimmerman should have been released.  I asked her if she wanted my honest opinion or the PC one; sidenote, I never actually give a PC one.

She said she wanted my honest opinion and told her the jury had spoken and I felt it was the right call.  I wasn’t there at the scene, but based on evidence presented, I felt Zimmerman was justified in shooting Martin.

She told me she thought my answer would be along those lines.  I asked her what made her think that and her response was “because you’re militant.”

I told her that self defense isn’t militant and that Martin wasn’t some little kid.  He was rather large.  I saw the picture of him in a convenience store and he towered over the clerk.  I also told her that if some punk kid was beating my head into the sidewalk, I’d shoot, too.

Of course, she claimed that never happened.  I guess she didn’t see the pictures of Zimmerman messed up and bleeding.  I asked her if she were there when it happened.  She said “no.” 

I said “exactly” and walked away.

Why is this such a big deal to me?  Because this woman decided it would be fun to try to set me up for a fight.  It angers me that this woman decided it would be a good idea to try to get me riled up.

Or, the woman decided it was time to vent her opinion and picking on the white conservative male was the most promipsing option for her.

Either way, why should I have to come to work and be confronted by someone about a jury’s decision.  That automatically crates a hostile work environment.

I wonder who will try to say something to me next…


4 Comments to “I knew they would come for me…”

  1. It’s like a whole lot of these people were getting their “facts and evidence” from the racist news media. They don’t watch the trial or listen to what was being said. They just hate based on skin color and the fact that you are refusing to be intimidated by them.

  2. Not guilty was absolutely the correct verdict and when people ask me I say the same thing. Based on the evidence presented not guilty was the correct verdict.

  3. Why wasn’t her confronting you and her specified opinion of you ‘racial profiling’? She attempted to goad you into an argument based on her perception of you- ie her prejudice of your ‘race’ and sex. That’s a human resources issue and a violation of employment law.

    • Oh, I know. I made senior management aware and notified the union just in case. Yes, I’m in a union office. Can’t say I’m too proud of that. lol.

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