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1 May, 2013

Progessives causing the demise of the American culture

Some people are stupid, flat-out stupid.  There are others that are evil.  There are others that know what’s going on and still other who think they do, but have no clue.   This will likely anger some of the quasi-patriots and the neo-patriots off, but since when have I cared who I make angry. The quasi- and neo-patriots aren’t bad people or of malintent.  They tend to be simply misinformed people who believe they are doing what’s best for the country and her citizens. 

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28 September, 2012

Once the UN does this, our sovereignty is gone

Fox News is reporting about the UN’s new global tax.  Read the story below.  Look, folks, if this goes through, we have lost our sovereignty as a nation.  The people up high will tell you that’s not the case, but if you think about it, you pay taxes to the ones who govern you.  That means the UN will effectively govern the world and that includes the US.  I propose the US get out of the UN immediately.  However, for that to happen, we need new leadership in the White House and Congress.  Those in power now, have a vested interest in globalism and handing our well-being and sovereignty over to the UN.

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11 September, 2012

SPLC blaming the Right for OWS actions?

I would seem that the Southern Poverty Law Center is now blaming conservative movements for Occupy off-shoot groups like the Revoltionary People’s Army, an anarchist group that no more right wing than any other lunatic fringe left group.

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6 September, 2012

Racists in the DNC? Yyyyyyep!

Just as the title says, the DNC has racists in it.  The “party of tolerance” shows itself as a bunch of fakes again.  How, you ask?  Well, look at San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro’s mother, Maria del Rosario Castro; the once-member of La Raza Unida.

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14 August, 2012

Dun dun dun! Another one bites the dust! The 1st Amendment that is.

Little by little, out 1st Amendment is whittled away.

So, there has been another major wound dealt to the First Amendment.  Now, we have free speech zones, we have certain things we can’t say, certain pages on Facebook get deleted for having certain values (Chick-fil-A) and now a reporter in Pennsylvania has been barred from interviewing potential voters at an Obama rally.

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1 August, 2012

The sense of entitlement is outrageous

One of my coworkers went to the public library today during her lunch break.  She came back and mentioned that even though the building is fairly new, it smells like urine.  The reason is that a bunch of homeless people hang out there and pee all over the place.  Rather than going to the restroom, they just take a leak somewhere in racks where they’re hidden.

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1 August, 2012

Important: Email I got from the Liberty Council

The threats by mayors of some of our nation’s largest cities against Chick-fil-A and its President Dan Cathy are contemptible affronts to the Constitution – and an extreme assault on every American’s freedom of speech and religious expression! 

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31 July, 2012

Whatever happened to our freedom of speech?

You’ve heard of the so-called “free-speech zones” around college campuses and various cities in the US.  If you try to peacefully assemble in a non-designated area you could face fines or jail time depending on the specifics.  Then you hear about how Chick-fil-A is being pushed out of cities because of the owners opinion on gay marriage and his devout faith in Jesus.

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22 July, 2012

Taking free speech back!

You’ve probably heard about colleges and other places having the so-called “free speech zone.”  Well, I have and I don’t like it.  Not one bit.  It’s an easy way to censor people from speaking and peacefully assembling.  It used as a way to “allow” people to protest and such without others having to see or hear them.  It’s BS.  I don’t like OWS at all, but I support their right to protest.

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19 July, 2012

You know the US is in trouble when…

I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning on my way to the office.  He was talking about CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the argument between McCain and Bachmann.  On top of that, I see that Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) goes and says that we should be “world citizens.” 

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16 July, 2012

Punished for success

The White House has released the transcript of President Obama’s recent speech in Roanoke, Virginia, and it holds a number of noteworthy statements.  He had a lot to say about successful Americans.  It would appear that the American dream is not what we, and countless other Americans over the last couple of centuries, thought it was.

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14 June, 2012

The March Toward Socialism in the US

Many of us in the prepper/patriot/III% community have long discussed the direction our country is going.  We look at new laws and programs and, while we realize some are necessary, see many as over-priced babysitters and nannies.  Many federal programs have no place within the federal government’s scope.  In many cases, these programs were designed for a different purpose than they’ve come to have today.  What does it take to be a socialist program?  Well, if you want to get technical, it’s any government-owned, -funded, or -subsidized operation.  Yep, so federally back student loans and mortgages; socialist programs.

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5 June, 2012

Soros: Toppling Governments and Changing the World – One Socialist at a Time

I found this on The Blaze after hearing Glenn talk about it this morning and thought it was important enough to put it out there in its entirety.  I didn’t want to change anything about it as I didn’t want to take away from the work MRC and Glenn’s staff did in reporting this.  Enjoy and feel free to comment.

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2 June, 2012

What’s Happening to Your Liberty?

Have you ever noticed the way political movements seem to go in a whole new direction from their root cause once they get some traction?  Have you thought of what their actions do to your freedoms?  I have.  I’ve seen groups like Occupy Wall Street go from a group a liberal group wanting free stuff from the government and a bitch-slapping to Wall Street to being overrun by Communists and Socialists groups including unions like the AFL-CIO.  The Tea Party started out as a clean-cut movement protesting out of control government spending to one that, while they still mostly keep to the original message, has splintered off into several different groups that protest for different things.  Some of those groups went from being all-inclusive to attacking someone for having an “R” or “D” behind their name.  Face it, folks.  Just because someone has a certain letter behind their name in politics doesn’t make them friend or foe of liberty loving Americans.

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30 May, 2012

Commies in Power in the US

Do you still need proof that Obama has a leaning for Socialism and Communism?  The left says he doesn’t and that we, on the right, should back off.  I seem to remember that when Bush Jr was in office the Left couldn’t wait for more to chomp at to condemn Bush for every little thing.  Remember, you can’t trust lefties.  Anyway, I digress, more proof that our President has betrayed this nation’s political history, her people’s freedom and liberty, and our forefathers and those who sacrificed so much so that we could have a nation free from tyranny and an over extended government.

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